You can change your
gender...without an operation!

For those players that are absolutely dedicated to their favorite MMOG,
they often make a name and a reputation for themselves on their
particular server. Whether it's through their leveling skills or their
abilities in PvP, the other gamers on their server may either respect
or despise them. So when the Lineage II development staff announced
that they were going to be offering account services that allowed
people to change their genders, names, and even transfer servers,
gamers were incredibly interested in how this was going to work. The
Ten Ton Hammer staff caught up with Lineage II's producer, Tim Tan, to
get to the bottom of these details.

In general, we wanted to bring these account services
live because they
were features that the players were asking for. The three services that
we are talking about are character name changes, character gender
change, and character server transfers. With character name and gender
change being implemented first, we've already made those services live
and are giving players the opportunity to implement these in the game.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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