Book 12: The Ashen Preview.

GameSpy has an extensive preview posted of the upcoming Book 12 patch for Lord of The Rings Online.

On a recent run through "Book 12: The Ashen Wastes," we were treated to an impressive demonstration of the game's new cosmetic system in action. The keys are the two new "outfit" tabs placed on the player's paper doll equipment screen. These new slots will change the appearance of that portion of the character's clothing to whatever is slotted in and will also allow the player to turn any element of their character's clothing on or off. The kicker is that these new items add nothing to the player's abilities or combat capabilities; they merely alter the appearance of the player's avatar. The system is also subject to class, level and area restrictions. Minstrels, for example, naturally can't wear heavy armor, so they won't be able to do so as an outfit either. The system will also be disabled in the Ettenmoors PvP area to avoid players disguising their classes.

See what else they had to say at GameSpy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016