The latest chapter in the lore rich fantasy MMOG Lord
of the Rings Online

is less than two months away, and open beta is just around the corner.
Curiosities are running high in the LotRO community and Ten
Ton Hammer has been granted a live look at the fresh new content and
we want to share! Join Medawky as he embarks into Siege
of Mirkwood

with Live Producer Aaron Campbell of Turbine, delving into the fabled
forest and uncovering what the future has in store for this epic

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style="border: 1px inset ;"> Even
though open beta is still a couple of weeks out it is fairly
obvious that the bulk of the content is in place for the upcoming
expansion. With many sites dubbing this a
“mini-expansion”, I was
surprised and delighted by the overall depth and scope of this newest
installment to the franchise. With only close to two hours of hands on
time I can already tell you that the aforementioned branding of Siege
of Mirkwood is a complete misnomer, this is no mini-expansion but
rather a vast enhancement that will add a whole new layer of
playability to the game.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016