Lord of The Rings Online Weekly
Troll Report 5/9/08

By Darkgolem

This weeks weekly troll report talks about the new swig and toss game
at the Lord of The Rings Online Mines of Moria site, housing, instances
and a lot of other topics.  There is a crafting thread which
speaks about the new crit items, and some angry comments about
grouping.  Check out all the buzz from the forums at Lord of The
Rings Online sites right here.

are too easy to get and are next to worthless

"..and there are too many of them. Yes, it makes people
happy they can
get a house. But, so what? My neighborhood is dead. Dead.

Who ever goes there? No one.

What is there to do there? Ooh, buy some coal for a small discount, as
long as I don't mind the long run.


Houses are:

(a) out of the way and sometimes a long run to get to

(b) good for nothing but showing off one trophy (maybe Ill buy a bigger
house so I can have more room to show trophies) to yourself

(c) too many. hundreds of housing areas..."

MoM Game – Drink and Axes

"Fun! Think I got best 2K score. Worst .. I drank till I
passed out
(nice touch)...."

Grouping keeping me from Book content

"This forced grouping is keeping PAYING customers from Book
content in
this game. Many of us cannot find groups and therefore we are locked
out of content that we are paying for each month.

Everybody knows that people who easily find groups , find them because
there are family members playing with them at home, lol

I want to see this change to where all of Book content is SOLO. I am
still on Book 8.5!!! ...."

Why are
instances so hard to get to?

"Instances are some of the funnest content in the game. Why
make them
so hard and/or time... "

I have to laugh whenever I hear people complain about RMT (goldfarmers)

"I come from playing Final Fantasy Online for 4 years. This
is a game
where RMT will literally hold quest mobs, charging you game money if
you want to kill the mob and finish the quest. This is a game where RMT
craft-bots have undercut crafting prices so much, that most of the
time, the materials cost 2-5X as much as the crafted item. This is a

Book 13 Crit
Item MOB List

"I thought it would be helpful if we post verified trophy
drops from
specific MOBS and locations. This could be helpful later in making
master lookup tables.
To make it easy to search, please make the title of ..."

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