Meddling In the Affairs
of the Gods...

What do you do when a world's worth of lore is dropped into your lap
unexpectedly, especially when that lore appears incomplete or
piecemealed at best? That's the situation game designer, John
"Zahariel" Hegner, has found himself in with Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.
Over the last week, Zahariel has been assuring the community that
things are slowly coming together into a cohesive history. As further
proof of his dedication to straighten the lore out, he has posted a
message designed to give everyone an overview of the Gods of Telon.

You may have heard of Vol Tuniel, but you may not
have realized that
she is a goddess, not just a temple filled to the brim with the plague
ridden shamans of Krigus, Lord of Flies.  Yes, there are gods
and goddesses who watch over the world of Telon and in this installment
I'm going to introduce you to each of them.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016