Bring on the tunes!

Tired of waiting for the download or installation of a patch or game content? Fear not! The new Download Manager is coming!

Turbine is dedicated to bringing a great game experience to our customers, and as part of this commitment we're rolling out a beta of our new Turbine Download Manager. In the future, this new technology will be used to make the game experience better for our players through a process called "forward patching." The Turbine Download Manager runs silently in the background of your computer and keeps your Turbine games up to date by patching new content in advance of its release date. Your installation will automatically be kept up to date, and you'll never again have to wait for the download or installation of a patch or content update!

We've conducted internal tests of the Turbine Download Manager and hired testing companies, and now it's time to open this up to a wider audience. For this beta, we've assembled the music tracks from The Lord of the Rings OnlineTM into a single download. You'll also be able to watch the Book 13 Video Dev Diary. When your music is ready, the Play button will appear which will launch your default music player when clicked.

The Turbine Download Manager also offers the following features:
Peer-to-peer downloading, allowing you to download files even faster.
Full control over your download experience
Set overall capacity and speed limits
Schedule downloads by time of day and day of week
Set limits based on what other applications are running
Pause and have the download automatically resume at a later time
UPnP support (if your router and firewall support it and are configured correctly).

A few things to note:
The Turbine Download Manager's mission is to download the files into the directory you've specified. If you move the files after downloading them, the Download Manager will attempt to re-download them.
The Download Manager uses optional peer-to-peer file sharing to speed up the downloads. Your personal identity is kept confidential and protected. Turbine remains the primary provider of bandwidth when necessary, to ensure a quality download experience instead of relying completely on peers. The peer-to-peer portion only acts as a subsidizer.
The Turbine Download Manager will update and restart itself shortly after installing.

Ready to get started? The download begins at LotRO.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016