Information-hungry fans are far better than dev-hungry fans.

What do you get when you stick several Turbine Developer's into a room full of information-hungry LoTRO fans? You get the Stratics House of Commons chat. Recently, Stratics hosted another chat with the developers from Turbine and it proved to be insightful as it offered up lots of information on coming updates including Player Housing, PvP changes, and upgrades to character customization.

The neighborhoods will consist of thirty houses. Sixteen “Tier 1” houses which are said to be the easiest for players to acquire, ten “Tier 2” houses, and four Kinship houses will make up each neighborhood. The houses will be customizable through a variety of items purchased, crafted, and gained from combat. You will even be able to choose the color of the material used to decorate your house, but if you think that is good, you haven’t heard the rest. Players will also get a yard with their houses allowing them to decorate not only the inside of the house, but the outside as well.

Check it out at Ten Ton Hammer's LoTRO site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016