One of the more anticipated aspects of the upcoming Volume 3: Book 2 update for The Lord of the Rings Online is its scaling dungeon feature. By integrating older dungeons with the Skirmish system, the Turbine devs will be able to allow players to return to older dungeons at an equal level and work towards earning rewards. But how will that reward system scale and what will players be able to earn? Joe “jwbarry” Barry returns this week with the second part of his Instances 2.0 developer diary series to answer those questions.

The Skirmish reward system is based on three categories of tokens or currencies. Skirmish Marks are the totally liquid currency that roughly represents time spent playing Skirmishes. The level band tokens represent the level you’ve played at, and campaign tokens are the specific Skirmishes you have been in. Between these three currencies, we decide where to place rewards so players can work towards the rewards that are appropriate for their level. We decided this structure would work great for Classic instances. So, instead of implementing the same reward system twice, Classic instances will use the Skirmish reward system with some modifications and additions.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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