Freeps vs. Creeps … The Struggle for the Ettenmoors

Have you been waiting to hear first hand about the upcoming Lord of the Rings Online? Our very own John "Methost" Irwin has been dilligently working to bring you his experiences. Keep reading to learn more!

A life in the Ettenmoors can be a hard one if you stray too far from the safety of Glân Vraig. Its exquisite Elven architecture and serene beauty make one wonder why anybody would want to leave. But that's exactly what's required of you as a solder in the armies of the Free Peoples of Middle-earth (the Freeps). Beyond the walls you will find the sprawling lands of the Ettenmoors. This is Turbine's 'Monster Play' zone and you will find monsters (Creeps). Or rather, the monsters will find you.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016