Rumors have been flying all over the place regarding a interesting bit of information that originated from a simple marketing questionnaire. Turbine asks via a survey:

Assuming that you liked the content and theme of this Lord of the Rings MMO for the Xbox 360, how likely would you be to purchase the game for $59.99, plus pay a monthly subscription of $12.99?

This has Lord of the Rings fans asking, is LOTRO coming to Xbox? has the full story!

Neither Warner Bros. Interactive (who currently holds the license to the Lord of the Rings franchise) or Turbine, developer of Lord of the Rings Online for the PC, have confirmed the development of the game, although it's no secret that the latter has been working on a console MMO for some time now.

A representative from Turbine declined to comment on the survey or the game, but offered this: "Turbine has always been focused on the customer and one of the ways we do that is through extensive consumer research."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016