What about my quests!

One of the greatest things about Lord of the Rings Online is how it lets you interact with the Fellowship of the main story. While you're not taking the place of Frodo or Aragorn, you can help them out quite a bit! With the coming of the first expansion, Mines of Moria, it's time for the Fellowship to finally leave Rivendell which brings up an important question...

What happens to all my quests that the Fellowship gives!? Don't worry, the Fellowship will move, but the quests in Rivendell will still be available with the Fellowship... in Rivendell... uh, wait...

Fellowship members will be on landscape when at the current location of the story, and in time-frozen interiors at each of their old locations.

This means that as we release updates that progress the story, the Fellowship will be on landscape at their "most recent" arrival, and will be located at their previous stop inside an interior that is frozen at a particular time.

Oh, so you're going to hide them in an instance in Rivendell... why didn't you say so?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016