The Lord of the Rings Online has changed a lot since launch and nothing has brought more content to the game than the Mines of Moria expansion. This week Ten Ton Hammer examines how the game has changed since the launch of Mines of Moria and what kind of new content has been added to the game.Through the use of session play, Turbine was able to allow the player to encounter the fabled balrog of Moria.

The Mines of Moria was the first, and currently only, expansion for LOTRO. Turbine took their time in crafting this vast expansion and introduced a host of new content with its launch, including a very unpleasant encounter with that big nasty balrog that Gandalf had it out with through a “Session Play” encounter. Travel far enough into the mine and you can see how that fight turned out, just make sure you bring a spatula to help with the balrog recovery effort.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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