Learn about this exciting new class!

Brian "Zombie Columbus" Aloisio has posted a dev diary on the Lord of the Rings Online main site detailing the inner workings of a new class: The Rune Keeper. The Rune Keeper is meant to be a little bit of a healer, and a little bit of a DPS-er.

The Rune-keeper joins the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, adding his unique skills to the fight against the Enemy. Scribing words of Power upon special Rune-stones, the Rune-keeper can harm foes or assist allies. Cirth-based writing, favored by the Dwarves, are associated with influencing the elements of Middle-earth, allowing the Rune-keeper to battle foes. Elvish tengwar Runes and words are commonly used more for inspiring allies, keeping them healed and in the action. Rune-keepers even dabble in foretelling, allowing them to change what will happen next in a fight. Through these skills, they can perform such feats as foreseeing that a blade will not Wound an ally, or that a foe will fall to fire.

This certainly sounds like quite the interesting class.

For more information, please check the Lord of the Rings Online main site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016