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Discussion Summary: Hobbit Talk

By Darkgolem

This week's forum discussion summary is fairly high-brow.  There
is actually some quotation from letters from J.R.R. Tolkien about
magic, an rather entertaining look at the live event, and some
complaints (which I tend to agree with) about the festival horse
appearance.  Of course we also talk about the auction house, and
have a concern about who gets to be in the live events, so it still has
that mainstay of forum content: complaint.

Read it all right here.

1. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=154457">Lithe Festival
Horse (Please fix it, Turbine!)

"I've liked every horse in the game so far, then I saw this
one. The
horse itself is just what I've been looking for; however, the saddle is
almost blinding. I got the token and traded for the horse anyway,
hoping I could either dye some outfit of mine green in the future, or
that Turbine would take that terrible piece of tacky upholstery off my
new equine friend. I don't want to change..."

2. Hobbiton
News-Murder By The Book

"Adalgrim Goodbody: We now interrupt this episode of
Extreme Makeover:
Hole Edition to bring you breaking news.

Adalgrim: A local book has been charged with murder by the Lonelands
Municipal Authorities. Who did he kill? How did he kill him? We have
Lobelia Proudfoot live from the crime scene. Lobelia?

Lobelia: Thank you Adalgrim.

Lobelia: It's been labeled as the crime of the century, the murder of
Eadbert Wilfrid; a local cart driver. His body was found this morning
by an adventuring Hunter. We now turn to a local hero, who witnessed
the crime first hand. Without his expert testimony, this case would..."

3. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=155366">Rift gear and

"Just wondering, when Moria comes out, and we level to 60
presumably have far more powerfull items and armour to aquire, will the
current highest tier armour set, the rift gear, become completely
obsolete, and there will be some other instance we have to run over the
course of a few months to complete our set, or will certain special
items like this "level" with us, somehow in line with the.."

4. What I
hate about Amarthiel’s Attacks

"Its pure luck if you see the GM who's on her and some
people have the
luck to see her several times in a row!

Okay Turbine, I don't mind when you do orc attacks on trestlebridge, I
know that I always have a chance to get in on one eventually and they
don't drop anything cool.

BUT this is a limited time event and it is annoying that the only way
to get the cool barter items is to luck out and have a GM decide to
play with you for a minute.

The worst thing is knowing there is a very good chance I will never get
to participate in the event even if I spend hours running around

Live event fix?

Have her rotate from one of several locations consistently."

5. Snipits
from Tolkien's letters concerning magic:

(credit due to Cubrethil for posting this initially within

Originally Posted by J.R.R. Tolkien

"Letter #155

"I do not intend to involve myself in any debate whether 'magic' in any
sense is real or really possible in the world. But I suppose that, for
the purposes of the tale, some would say that there is a latent
distinction such as once was called the distinction betewen magia and
goeteia [sorcery]...neither is, in this tale, good or bad (per se), but
only by motive or purpose of use. Both sides use both, but with
different motives. The supremely bad motive is (for this tale, since it
is specially about it) domination of other 'free' wills. The Enemy's
operations are by no means all goetic deceits, but 'magic' that
produces real effects in the physical world. But his magia he uses to
bulldoze both people and things, and his goeteia to terrify and
subjugate. Their magia the Elves and Gandalf use (sparingly): a magia,
prudcing real results (like fire in a wet ******) for specific
beneficent purposes. Their goetic effects are entirely artistic and not
intended to deceive: they never deceive Elves (but may deceive or
bewilder unaware Men) since the difference is to them as clear as the
difference to us between fiction, painting, and sculpture, and 'life'.

Both sides live mainly by 'ordinary' means. The Enemy, or those who
have become like him, go in for 'machinery'-- with destructive and evil
effects -- because 'magicians', who have become chiefly concerned to
use magia for their own power, would do so (do do so). The basic motive
for magia -- quite apart from any philosophic consideration of how it
would work -- is.."

6. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=155325">On the Lotro

"Basically, I feel the current economy in Middle Earth is
on the
downward spiral. I can't say many of us didn't see this coming. I can't
say that if there's indeed, a focus group, that they couldn't have seen
this coming. I'm almost certain that the devs... well, maybe not.

Anyway, now that most things don't really sell anymore, since
drops/quest items are taking over crafted goods etc, among other things
etc...What do you think that would be a.."

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