LotRO July 4th Weekly Forum
Discussion Summary : Hobbit Talk

By Darkgolem

This weeks hobbit talk has about every type of forum post in it,
including technical questions (what headphones work best), in game
questions (whats up with the goblins of Dol Dinen), and many more
subjects.  There, is of course, a complaint post (stacking limits
on items) but even this is pretty reasonable as these things go.

1. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=147332">Headsets or

"Hubby and I both use Ventrilo and we like to set it up so
the game
sounds come out of one set of speakers and the "chat" comes out of the
other "set" At the moment his is not functioning, as it won't identify
the two sets. Mine works well, with one exception. my mic broke  

Neither of us want to use headsets because they are cumbersome and
heavy on the ears (we both wear glasses) So right now Im looking for a
good quality mic that won't cause feedback from the speakers. Most the
ones I found are headset type and the over the ear ones I did locate
don't seem to function in game or with vent. Any oldtimers (and that..."

2. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=147554">Bree Burn Out

"I'm new to LOTRO and have spent the entire time in
Bree-Land so far.
(I'm level 23) I'd like to move on to an adjacent zone, but the quest
and deed content in Bree-Land is so immense that I am worried about
missing things.

I know that I don't have to do EVERY quest, but I'm worried that by
missing deeds I will wind up at level 50 with poor stats. And you don't
know what deeds are out there to be done unless you stumble upon them
by killing the right mob, harvesting a flower, stumblinhg across a
ruin, etc.

So here's my problem: I've been working Bree-Land for 3 weeks (RT) and
I am yearning to "spread my wings" and see a little more of middle
earth...but it looks impossible to keep on top of the deeds if each
zone is as heavily loaded with content as Bree-Land. After all, I don't
want the game to be a chore.

So how much will missing out on deeds or quests.."

3. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=146417"> Most Efficient
use of Playing Time

"I state this to help newbies and others that have not
expanded their
play. This works best if you have at least an average of two hours or
more to play each day. And it works best for people who believe they
will stick to the game at least a year.

A) Create one of each of 5 different classes of the seven available

B) Make sure to assign professions with as little overlap as possible

C) Create one monster

D) Level your characters and quest with your monster

E) Gather resources and.."

4. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=146780">What is that
dinging sound?

"My friends and I have been wondering what, "that dinging
sound," is.
The dinging sound that I'm referring to seems to happen in the
high-level zones. It sounds like a clock chime.

It seems to be totally random. At first, I assumed that it had
something to do with the time of day, but recently, I've heard the
sound twice in a relatively short time period. (within about 2 mins of
each other)

When in a fellowship, my friends have heard the sound at the same time
that I have.

I have talked to people outside of my fellowship who have heard the
sound about the same time that I have. I've brought up the topic in OOC
on many occasions, and either no one is willing to tell.."

5. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=146132">*Devs* Please
change stacked item buying from NPCs

"When purchasing items from NPCs (esp. crafting mats),
players often
require a number that is greater than one but less than 50 of
something. The way the system is now, having to buy 30 of something is
a huge pain, often resulting in "Too many requests. Slow down" error
message. It would be best if we could simply type in the number of
items we want to buy or at least change the stack size to ten..."

6. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=142251">Ambush at the
Gates of Dol Dinen

"Wondering if anyone else noticed this or has an
explanation of this:

I was heading down to DD to finish my last two quests in that area and
as I approached the gates there was only one goblin hanging out there.
I saw two groups heavily farming the camp to the right so I didn't find
that odd. Looked around to make sure nothing else would aggro before
opening fire and everything looked golden. The moment I hit him I saw
in the far distance (like coming from the first siege engine area) a
pack of 10 mobs heading my direction. I figured they were in pursuit of
someone high-tailing it out of there after pulling aggro and since I
was in combat, I didn't give it another thought. As they got closer I
noticed no one was being chased, but just to be careful, I didn't use
any AoE attacks. When they attacked me I was totally surprised (and
overwhelmed)! I had to use Desperate Flight to get out before I took
the good ole'..."

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