The S.T.R.I.K.E. M from Mad Catz is a micro keyboard designed for on the go gaming, but doubles as a portable keyboard / mouse setup for anything that takes a Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse. I’ve taken it through some extensive testing, from the Sony Playstation 4, to my phone, and my computer to see how it works both on the go and at home as a mobile keyboard.

It features a small size and comes with its own carrying case. It has a very small form factor, optical navigation (you use your finger to move a mouse like a nib), can memorize up to four devices to pair with, backlighting, and volume control slider. It has some other built in technological babble things like fluid keys and the such, but these things aren’t that relevant.


One of its biggest features is the ability to remember how to pair with four different devices. Pairing with each device is very easy you just turn the keyboard on, select which device to pair with, and it’ll automatically pair with it. This means you can take it from using it on your phone to using it with your game console, back around to your laptop, and then finally use it on your Roku by just simply pressing a button.

This makes it a multi-tasker and lets it be a keyboard for everything, because for me, I’ll be honest, this is a game changer in the sense that I have various Bluetooth keyboards sitting around for like the television and to take with my phone, but this basically lets me keep the one unit and drag it around wherever I need it, which is great, as I’m often in bed using my phone and then likely to switch over to the TV for gaming.

Actual Use

I’ve used the keyboard for a few weeks and got some rather good use out of it and I’ve found that it’s nifty and neat, especially just in portability. It’s really thin and light, so there isn’t any fatigue in caring it. My other Bluetooth keyboard I have is pretty weighty, so it’s a nice change. I feel like a lot of times I use it one handed, mostly as a mouse on my phone, but also to grab and change the volume often.

As a heavy Chromecast user, that’s really important, because sometimes you’re watching a movie and want to turn the sound down or pause it, and just grabbing the keyboard and using it without even looking at my phone is rather useful for me.

Typing on it can be a challenge, I do have big hands, but I’m able to get into the rhythm with it. Typing on a flat surface is vastly easier than in my lap, but it is a very small keyboard and while usable for typing out anything, I wouldn’t prefer to type out a 50,000 word essay on it. However, typing out a quick Facebook status or even an article (like this one which was typed with it) isn’t a big deal, especially once you get used to it. For something like the PS4, it’s actually pretty nifty to just type out some passwords or quick notes to friends.

The keys do feel good and it does have an array of functions, from mouse clicks to home screens, and everything in-between. You won’t be giving up your function keys, or anything else with this keyboard.

The included mouse is ~amazing~ and works so very well. You just hover your finger over the button. When streaming my phone to my TV, it’s really cool to sit and work on articles or move around apps using a mouse, and makes my Chromecast actually wayyyyyyyyy cooler. This is a feature I haven’t seen before and the keyboard is “worth it” in my book for that feature alone.

Backlighting is spot-on and a much needed feature for my use case, as I’m often in my room in the dark and finding the keys makes it really cool.

I’ve only had to charge it once, and that when I got it. The battery is pretty solid and the battery saving features kick on really well (turning backlighting off / disconnecting when not in use).

Pros and Cons

I’d say this keyboard is great for light typing, any kind of FPS gaming, travel, using it with a Roku/Chromecast, consoles, or anywhere you need an easy and light keyboard.

This keyboard isn’t a replacement for a full sized keyboard to use 24/7 a day unless you have small hands.


If you need a keyboard for a variety of devices that is fun to type on, easy to use and setup, with a long battery then this is the thing for you.

If you need a new PC keyboard, then eh lots of better options, but I can easily say this is one of the best mobile keyboards I’ve had on my hand and vastly prefer it over say the Apple wireless keyboard.

As a disclosure, we received a review copy for free.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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