There's More to Managing
a Gaming Community Than Meets the Eye!

Having pioneered MMO games and their respective communities, Sony
Online Entertainment is no stranger to both victory and controversy.
What are the thoughts and philosophies of community management behind
this corporate giant? Senior Director of Global Communications Alan
Crosby and Senior Community Manager Craig Dalrymple discuss not only
their methods, but how emergencies should be handled and how other
companies can learn from them.

style="font-style: italic;">What exactly is in a name? When
it comes to videogames, the reputation of both publishers and
developers can be fit into just a single word or acronym. While a name
like Blizzard will bring respect, something like N-Gage will send
shudders through any gaming veteran's spine. What is it like helping to
control the image of a corporate giant like Sony Online Entertainment
and wrangling what can at times be a difficult community? Holding the
line of this battle front are Senior Director of Global Communications
Alan Crosby, and Senior Community Manager Craig Dalrymple.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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