No, not "meatplace."

The MMO Gamer has a new and interesting interview with Raph Koster that discusses his new project Metaplace, among other things.

The basic concept behind Metaplace is to make virtual worlds work the way the web does. We mean that totally literally—as I’ve said many times now.

So here’s the thing: We look at the world of MMOs, we go, first of all, every single one of them is a moon shoot. They’re costing tens of millions of dollars to make, and they take enormous teams.

It’s getting so I’m really forward to seeing any MMO that isn’t based on a movie or a licensed property, because almost all of them these days are, all of the big AAA ones. And that’s because it’s the only way to justify the costs any more. You’ve got to have that built-in audience or it’s hard to get enough money back, essentially.

Head over there for the three-part interview.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016