Delve the Depths of Moria!

It's here! Lord of the Rings Online has launched it's first expansion, Mines of Moria. Bringing with it two new classes, ten more levels and the progression of the epic story-line (as well as the stage of the coolest scenes from the first movie), Mines of Moria has been highly anticipated.

As with any expansion launch, there are some extensive patch notes. Here's a taste.

Download the Moria Manual!

The Mines of Moria manual is now available for download in .pdf format (~5.6Mb). Click here to download it! You will need Acrobat Reader to view it.


* Two new classes: The Rune-keeper and Warden! Read more about these new classes in their related developer diaries:
o The Rune-keeper
o Creating a New Class: The Warden
* Level cap increase to 60! With the level cap increase come new traits and skills. Read about them in a series of developer diaries covering character advancement past level 50!
o Champion
o Captain
o Guardian
o Burglar
o Lore-master
o Hunter
o Minstrel
o Warden
o Rune-keeper
* Changes to the combat system! For an overview of the changes, read Developer Diary: Combat Changes on
* New Item Advancement System! Forge your Legendary Weapon and customize it to become uniquely yours. Read more about the Legendary Item system:

For the full Moria patch notes, please check the Lord of the Rings Online official forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016