Turbine is implementing a lot of little fixes into its game, Lord of the Rings Online, tomorrow - Monday, December 1st - with Mines of Moria patch 1. This patch runs the gamut from class re-balances to crafting recipe tweaks. It's much too long to post in its entirety here, but here's a taste.

The Guardian has had a sweeping pass to the balance of his threat skills and shield damage skills.

* Base Shield Damage Increased 10% from 50-60
* Base Threat increased from 50-60
* Shield of Fire trait gains additional bonus: +1 Shield Taunt targets
* Shield Damage Legacy progression change to have max at rank 9 be 21% on a level 60 Epic belt and cost slightly less
* Litany of Defiance base targets increased to 5
* Litany Legendary trait gains additional +5 Litany of Defiance targets
* Whirling Retaliation Skill gains a numeric Threat transfer ability
* Litany of Challenge trait +2 Challenge targets
* Litany of Challenge trait Challenge Generates additional Threat
* Evade 3 & Evade 4 Passives now available for Guardians
* Defender of Free Trait Set 3 additional bonus: +2 Shield Taunt targets
* Bug fix for Shield of Fire which was only providing a 7.5% boost to threat previously
* Increased the threat generated by the shield response line of skills
* Threatening Presence now applies to all skills that generate threat. This includes melee attack skills that do not normally generate additional threat.

The patch will be put in place during the scheduled maintenance tomorrow, from 4 am to Noon Eastern time.

To see the full patch notes, please visit the Lord of the Rings Online official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016