Mmmmmm, Apples

By Charabis

Welcome to this week's Weekend Wonder. Today, Charabis takes aim at one of the most difficult topics in gaming today, do Mac and Linux users running Boot Camp or Cedega get the same value for their dollar that Windows users do? Tough topic!

In modern gaming, few can deny that Windows is king. There are more Windows computers in homes across the globe than anything else, so it makes sense to program using DirectX and target just the people who have Windows. It is the single largest market for software, after all. I mean, Mac users have Boot Camp and Linux users have programs like Cedega, right? The answer to that is a resounding yes and no...

Yes and no? I guess we'll all have to go here to see what he means! Once we've figured it out, what do you say we go talk about the article, or Charabis' fading sanity, on our forums!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016