“Crafting” - an activity where an individual sits in his basement, so he can pretend to be a character in VIRTUAL basement. The crafter or “artisan” actually shells out
money for the flotsam and jetsam collected and discarded by other players clearly
marked "No Value". By virtue of hours and hours of mind-numbing, monotonous labor, the artisan will eventually produce items of such beauty, luster and utility that they are completely ignored by everyone because drops give way better loot. After pounding crafting keys until their fingers have turned to bloody stumps, artisans then sell through brokers in cut throat competition with each other in an effort to make the cherished fruits of their labor, once again, as close to "No Value" as possible.

DD - direct damage, or, more commonly, damage dilemma. A DD is a multipurpose spell by which a mage earns the full aggro of the mob, the healer is forced to spam heal the mage (thereby earning the aggro when the mage dies), and the rest of the group follows the healer in death shortly thereafter. Also called a "nuke," which is ironically appropo since no one usually survives the blast & fallout.

DPS - damage per second. What the group intends to deliver. What the group actually receives.

DOT - damage over time. A carefully calculated calibration of the irreparable injury to one’s sex life caused by playing online. See also “Link Dead”.

“Guild” - A society of like minded players passionately devoted to the worthy common cause of having a silly name appear on the top of their heads.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016