Monster Play: The Orc

By Darkgolem

This initial look at the orc defiler shows the starting
skills  and some
of the later skills and traits these new editions to creep play bring
to the table.  The Orc Defiler should be remembered as being a
support class.  Make sure to plan on being around friends. 
Defilers have some great abilities to go with their heals, especially
some of their debuffs.  The three "heal over times" of the defiler
are key support abilities.

One of the best abilities for the Orc Defiler is their (Area of Effect)
AOE fear. 
This short range, max 3 target fear is just the thing to break up
opponents so that your allies can defeat them piecemeal.  One
ability is the Curse of Deadly Sorrows.  Dropping massive amounts
of Fate, Will and Might plus armor class ruins anyones days, and makes
opponents very susceptible to cowering too.  Curse of the
Lethargic Heart drops 225 vitality, which puts anyones health into the
basement, great as a way to bring down high defense, high morale

Buff Skills: These are healing skills

Fertile Slime: Living slime
coats the targets wounds and restores morale.

Heals 78 morale initially

Heals 78 morale every 10 seconds for 60 seconds.

Costs 56 power.

Tactical skill

30 meter range

6 second cooldown

Fungal Bloom: Gourds filled
with foul blooms and liquids from the depths of Angmar relieve the
sting of wounds on the flesh of foul creatures.

Heals 642 morale initially.

Heals 156 morale every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

Costs 56 power.

Tactical Skill

30 meter range

Cooldown 4 seconds

Rank 0:

Fell Sacrifice: Returns target
ally to activity from defeat.  Only usable out of combat.

Target revives with 50% morale

Target revives with 50% power.

Cost: 3000 Morale

Cost: 500 Power

Tactical Skill

30 meter Range

Cooldown 1 minute

href=""> alt="Orc Defiler"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 173px;" align="left">Rank

Fell Restoration: When finished
casting fell restoration instantly restores a huge amount of morale to

+1925 Morale

Cost: 56 power

Tactical skill

30 meter range

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Rank 5:

Fungal Spores: Spores weaves
their way into the target, helping to speed the healing process.

Heals 273 Morale initially.

Heals 273 Morale every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

Cost: 121 Power

Tactical Skill

Requires: Advanced Skill: Fungal Spores Trait

30 meter range

Cooldown: 3 seconds

Debuff Skills: These skills debuff your opponents.

Curse of Sticky Feet: Coats the
opponent's feet in a sticky substance that slows their movement speed.

Slows target movement by 10%

Duration 10 seconds

Cost 50 power

Tactical Skill

30 meter range

Cooldown 15 seconds

Rank 1:

Curse of the Lethargic Heart
: A gourd thrown at the target
plagues them with spores attacking their heart and weakening their
resolve.  This skill is only effective against players.

-225 Vitality

Duration: 2 minutes

Cost: 65 power

Tactical Skill

30 meter range

Cooldown 30 seconds

Rank 2:

Curse of the Coward's Soul:
Release hallucinogenic spores that strike fear into nearby enemies.

Fears for up to 10 seconds

Cost: 65 Power

Tactical Skill

Max Targets: 3

Resistance: Fear

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Rank 7:

Curse of Deadly Sorrows: Douse
opponent with corrosive liquid that weakens their Armour and releases a
sopoforic gas that reduces Will, Fate and Stregnth

-225 Fate

-225 Will

-225 Might

-2,023 Armour Value

Duration: 1 minute

Cost: 65 Power

Tactical Skill

30 meter range

Resistance: Disease

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Melee Skills: Skills for melee combat.

Headbreaker: A strong blow from
the defiler's staff.  Contact with the defiler's staff can poison
many denizens of Middle-earth.

165 common damage.

54 common damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.

Cost 170 power

Melee skill

3 meter range

Cooldown 3 seconds

Ranged Skills:  Skills for ranged combat.

Fire Gourd: A gourd filled with
burning embers is launched at your opponents, setting them alight.

206 fire damage

45 fire damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

Cost: 77 Power

Tactical Skill

30 meter range

Cooldown 6 seconds

Plague Gourd: A plague of flies
fills a feotid gourd which explodes on your opponent.  On a good
throw, the plague of flies may cause your opponent to become easier to
hit for a short time.

165 shadow damage

Cost: 77 Power

Tactical Skill

30 meter range

Resistance: disease

Cooldown 8 seconds

Core Passive Skills: The Core Passive skills list style="font-weight: bold;">

Armour: Passive armor

Armour Rank 1: Increases your
armor protection.  +105 armor value

Avoidance: A list of passive avoidance skills.

href=""> alt="Orc Defiler (Appearance 1 Trait)"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 173px;" align="right">Avoidance
Rank 1
: Increase your ability to avoid attacks. 

Parry chance 1%

Evade chance 1%

Block chance 1%

Damage: A list of damage enhancements style="font-weight: bold;">

class="pn-content-page-body">Damage Rank 1: Increases the
damage dealt by your attacks.

Melee Damage: 1.0%

Ranged Damage: 1.0%

Tactical Damage: 1.0%

Health: A list of health enhancements. style="font-weight: bold;">

Health Rank 2: Increases your
maximum total health by 10%

Power: A list of passive power enhancements.

Power Rank 3: Increases your
maximum total power by 15%

Resistance: A list of resistance enhancements

Resistance Rank 1 :
Increases your resistance to certain negative effects.

Song: 1.0%

Cry: 1.0%

Physical: 1.0%

Tactics: 1.0%

Traits: A list of traits for the
Orcish Defiler

Appearance Traits:

: A different visual apperance for your orc defiler.

Class Traits: style="font-weight: bold;">

Armour Boost: Increase Armour
rating by 210

Rank 0: Enhanced Skill - Curse of the
Sticky Feet
: In addition to the movement penalty, opponents
affected by this curse have their fire mitigation reduced by 10%.

Rank 2: Enhanced Skill: Fell Sacrifice:
reduced Cooldown by 30 seconds. Halves morale and power casting costs.

-50% Morale Cost

-50% Power Cost

-30 Skill Reset Time

Rank 2: Enhanced Skill: Plague Gourd:
increases the chance for a critical hit and increases the loss of
block, parry and evade when a critical hit is made.  Increase
critical hit chance of plague gourd by 25%.

Morale Boost: Increases maximum
morale by 10%

Corruption Traits:

Damage of Health Rank 1

Melee Damage 2.5%

Ranged Damage 2.5%

Tactical Damage 2.5%

Decrease Total Health 5%

Health for Power Rank 1

Increases your total health by

Decreases your total power by 5%

Power for Damage Rank 1

Increases your total power by 5%

Melee Damage -2.5%

Ranged Damage -2.5%

Tactical Damage -2.5%

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016