With the recent resurrection of Myst Online: Uru Live Again, Ten Ton Hammer puzzled out the tough quests to get to the bottom of the story. To that end, we tracked down Rand Miller, co-founder and CEO of Cyan Worlds, and the man responsible for millions of gamers’ heads exploding from trying to figure out puzzles over the years.

Rand Miller: For anybody who knows Myst, they know that it’s about exploring another world. It’s not about feeling the pressure to twitch and shoot or jump and run, but about understanding what went on in the world and exploring it. So, the idea of Myst Online, when we approached that a lot of years ago, was to take that idea of Myst and have that same appeal with worlds that you visit, but attach it to everything that a broadband experience can offer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016