It's like a fireside chat... for games.

The new president of NCsoft America, Chris Chung, discusses his plans for the future in this community letter.

In any organization, when you get a new person at the helm, there are bound to be questions as to what he or she is going to do. Rumors can start in the break room and quickly spread throughout the organization and beyond. It doesn’t matter what the change is. Change makes people nervous. Although it helps that I’ve been around as a part of NCsoft in one capacity or another for the last five years, there are still a lot people in the company that don’t know me very well. It can also be a burden coming behind someone so well known and respected, both within and outside of the company, as Robert Garriott. While I don’t think “filling the shoes” of someone with decades of experience and a sharp sense of business like Robert is possible, it will be a wonderful challenge trying.


Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016