Livin' 2D in a 3D MMOG

Judging by the sheer number of players engaged in massively multiplayer
games like Runescape, Toon Town, and Webkinz,
the pre-twenties age group is one of the fastest growing markets for
online gaming. Outspark (the publisher also responsible for Fiesta) is
trying to tap into that population segment with their newly released
game, Secret of the Solstice.

When asked to describe their game, Outspark said that
"aspiring heroes
have access to plenty of in-game quests, unique and colorful items for
their characters and an innovative smelting system for enhancing
equipment. In dynamic daily in-game events run by Outspark game
masters, players can experience Secret of the Solstice in a completely
new way, and even contribute to the evolution of the game's storyline."
If players can truly influence the game's storyline, that would be a
truly splendid feat. If you're interested, the Ten Ton Hammer staff has
posted fourteen new screenshots for our reader to enjoy!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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