New Age of Conan Screenshots

The newest set of AoC screens gets a tad more... barbaric.

December 12 , 2006

This batch of screencaps from Norwegian developer Funcom's excursion south into the post-Pax Romana lawlessness of the Hyborian regions gets a little more close and personal. This marks the first time I've seen blood in an Age of Conan screencapture outside the sensation-driven confines of a trade show, though that really only means I haven't been looking. Blood and guts aside, Funcom had me at the nicely done character models and landscapes. Take a look!

Yo heave ho
Rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby...


Huge tracts of land
Huge... tracts of land

Mixing it up and making a mess
Age of Conan or UFC Championship?

Hey Rocky - Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat
Hey Rocky - Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat

Fire is good vs spiders- just ask Dan Akroyd
Fire is good vs spiders- that's what I learned from Arachnophobia


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