Better brush up on my Teletubby.

BBC and the children's show studio, Ragdoll, have opted to make Nice Tech the developer of an MMOG based upon the works of the Ragdoll studio. Dubbed Tronji, the upcoming game is set for a release in early 2008 and the game is already prepared for its first focus testing.

If you're unfamiliar with Ragdoll, the company is most famous for the phenomenally popular show, Teletubbies. I personally can't stand the show, but I'm sure there are children who would swoon if they could play the weird plush creatures.

Ragdoll and the BBC have been playing in the Tronji world since March this year. New builds are released and auto-updated every Friday, ensuring that no-one involved in the development and approval process is more than five working days behind when a build is reviewed. This ensures a near “real time” tracking process. Nice Tech believes that all parties should be able to provide immediate feedback, which is particularly important when working with such a strong client led IP, where clarity and accuracy are essential. Ben Simpson, COO, commented “Working alongside a studio with a global reputation and strong IP, has been a positive challenge for us. We have been keen to learn from their experience and streamline our own working practices. We feel we have really grown through this partnership – and in such a short time!”

Read the whole press release here!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016