Salve, Vinetum!

Tune in to Gods & Heroes - Ten Ton Hammer for the latest area information from Charabis. This time, he's tackling Vinetum. From the Faliscan Rebels to the Larvae which infest a once prosperous estate, Heroes should find plenty of
adventure here!

Vinetum, located right on Rome's doorstep, is a far more
lawless place than most wish to admit. With the uprising of Faliscans in
the south and west, the Roman legions stationed in the area have their
hands full. This has given a group of bandits, led by former military
commander Surius, free reign. These woes are compunded by the wild
animals and invading Maenads who have come to cause trouble...

The Vinetum zone preview, now live at Gods & Heroes - Ten Ton Hammer!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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