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Friends, Romans, countrymen... Perpetual/SOE has lent us their screens.

October 25, 2006

From a first look at the "Gigantus" to the mysterious Telchines, the current crop of screens from Perpetual Entertainment doesn't disappoint. Detractors who were fearful that the game's "Rome-ness" would be washed out with mythological themes (or vice versa) are beginning to get their answers - Gods & Heroes appears to have plenty of flavor for fans of antiquity and mythology. Aside from that, the graphics stand on their own and look spectacular.. but see for yourself! And afterward, be sure to visit our Gods & Heroes community site for the latest GnH news and info.

volta fight02 PNG jpgcopy
tshores3 PNG jpgcopy
telchinos8 PNG jpgcopy
Rome 2006-08-31 16-15-41-35 PNG jpgcopy
rome 2006-08-04 19-24-48-06 PNG jpgcopy
rome 2006-08-04 15-53-39-67
Rome 2006-08-02 18-43-26-96 PNG jpgcopy
rome 2006-07-19 15-44-12-50 PNG jpgcopy
rome 2006-07-16 18-13-12-55
pvp torvus02 PNG jpgcopy
People 3
panaria7 PNG jpgcopy
panaria4 PNG jpgcopy
ostia public PNG jpgcopy
morbus4 PNG jpgcopy
money shot PNG jpgcopy
medusa stone PNG jpgcopy
medbeach battlefield04 PNG jpgcopy
GNHSquadBattleReady png jpgcopy
GNHGladiatorDuelInArena PNG jpgcopy
gigantus squad PNG jpgcopy
gaul2 PNG jpgcopy
faunus squad PNG jpgcopy
armentaria1 png jpgcopy
alban05 png jpgcopy
alban01 png jpgcopy

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