Zodiak Online offers not only a skill-based platform on which to build your character off of, but it boasts fun new features that you won't often see in other MMOGs!

Some of the game's unique features are listed as follows:
1. There are no class limits! In Zodiac, nothing but aptitude counts, therefore all skills are available to all players!
2. Innovative way of aptitude growth. The way characters’ aptitudes increase depends on which Zodiac Envoy you choose, not on your class. This creates endless possibilities for each character’s growth.
3. Zodiac sign system. Underpinned by the history of Chinese horoscopes, it is especially designed in-line with the Zodiac signs, granting unexpected surprises, windfalls or posing some challenges.
4. Taming wild monsters. Unlike other MMO’s limited choices of pets, the game provides a wide range of choice, with all monsters available for capture!
5. Find Mr. Right. Similar to constellation horoscopes, this system works with the Chinese traditional horoscope. It reads your future, and helps you recognize the right person from the crowd from the very first moment.
6. Growing weapon. It grows as you level up. Reinforced by Spiritual Stones possessing disparate powers, it is always the strongest backing for your fight.

Zodiak Online by Ingle Games Ltd is due to start alpha September 1st. Keep an eye out here for future updates on its development and check out the official website for more information.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016