Yes, it's back! No internet games needed.

Welcome back for this week's edition of News from the Wider Gaming World. This week: Slurpees, conventions and lawsuits, oh my!

Nexon, makers of free-to-play online games such as MapleStory, have teamed up with 7-Eleven to promote their games. In addition to having DVD disks available for free at 7-Eleven stores with their games on it, they're also offering prize codes with Slurpees. Go get yours - just don't get brain freeze.

The Activision part of Activision/Blizzard bought Budcat Creations - the stuido responsible for the PS2 editions of several of Activison's Guitar Hero games. The deal seems like a natural fit, showing an inclination by Activision to consolidate all Guitar Hero earnings under one roof. The studio will stay open and continue to operate normally.

The weekend before Thanksgiving will see the first ever Atlanta Supercon, in Atlanta, Georgia. Said to be chock full of celebrities and geeky goodness, here's hoping that a great new gathering is on the way. Also, looking ahead to 2009 the first speakers for the Independent Games Summit have been announced.

EA is having two additions to it's legal woes, this time in lawsuits related to it's SecuROM technology. Both plaintiffs are basically claiming unfair business practices after EA included it's SecuROM software with the SPORE creature creator and The Sim: Bon Voyage - and didn't disclose the inclusion.

Some gamers are starting to get nervous over what President-elect Obama's views on video games may be. While he's taken no official stance, he's used video games and television in his speeches as analogues to poor parenting or under-achievement. Some people fear this will translate to new regulations and unfair prosecution.

And last but not least, Circuit City has filed for Bankruptcy. While it doesn't mean the chain of stores will be gone for good, at least 20% of it's stores throughout the country are currently having going out of business sales. If one of those stores is near you, check them out for some pretty good deals leading up to the holidays. While there's no guarantee of support after the purchase, Circuit City is hoping to stick around and help.

And that's all this week! Credit for those last two stories goes to the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, respectively.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016