Hopefully Not a Permanent

Is Vanguard: Saga of Heroes dead? Shayalyn gives her answer using
cheesy song lyrics and some nuggets of wisdom she gathered at the
Online Game Development Conference. Confused? Just read the blog.

Speaking of death, I attended a talk called
Dissecting our Baby: An
Auto Assault Post-Mortem at the recent Online Game Development
Conference. It hit home, reminding me of many of the goofs I sensed
Sigil was making during the development of Vanguard. Now, I’m
no developer, and I’m not a game development
expert–I get paid to write about the games I like to play.
But Net Devil President Scott Brown and Producer Hermann Peterscheck
are experts, or have become so, and they discussed the mistakes they
made in developing their first title, Auto Assault.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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