Online gamer Justin Cavanagh was like many of us, just looking for a good time with his friend online. Unfortunately he didn't monitor his bandwith usage (who really does?) and exceeded his 60 GB per month by an additional 38 GB. While this wouldn't be a problem for many of us in the US who have hard caps of 250 GB or more, he was charged a percentage of his usage which came out to $6,041. Fortunately for Justin Telstra waived the bill but egads, can you imagine explaining that one to your significant other?

Telstra's policy is to charge excess data at a rate of 15c per megabyte but, the company says, Bigpond customers are always sent email notification when they are nearing their download limit.

When Mr Cavanagh's next Telstra bill arrived it said he owed them $6041. A distraught Mr Cavanagh contacted Telstra about the massive bill and was told to send an email.

You can find the entire whacky story right here and the moral of this story is to know your bandwith maximum.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016