Coverage from Behind the Great Firewall of China...

In our continuing coverage from one of the world's most mysterious places, we take you into the nexus of the online gaming scene in China - a wang ba, or Net Bar. Featuring dozens of games as well as streaming media, food, drinks, all the modern amenities, its a fascinating look into the forefront of an exploding games marketplace that's wholly foreign to how we play in the West.

"Shanghai is a vibrant, exciting, and energetic place to be, and to a varying extent, China is bringing its own residents along for the ride. For example, the Internet infrastructure within China is among the newest in the world and should be the envy of many Western nations - the US and most of Europe included. A favorite pastime in Internet bars is to play a windowed game while you stream your favorite programming over the Internet... in high definition (HD)."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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