It's Not Getting Older;
It's Getting Better!


As EverQuest II gets ready for the old folks home, brand new games are
soon heading to shelves all over the world. What will these
new kids on the block mean for the EQ2 community?  It's too
soon to tell for sure, but Savanja lays it all out on the line
discussing where EQ2 shines, and where the competition might trump
us.  Never fear though, EQ2 has something that no game on the
market could ever top!  What is it?  Well, you'll
just have to read to find out!


Let's face it, PvP was always sort of an afterthought in EQ2. It was
not introduced into game at launch, and early on it was often stated by
the devs that it wasn't even a current thought. Complaints flowed
regularly over the obvious lack, and SOE finally paid heed to their cry
and added PvP servers after the grim flop of duel functions and rarely
used PvP arenas.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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