Hip to the hype?

Our very own Cameron "Aelryn" Sorden has a new blog out that raises some important questions regarding how devs market their MMORPGs prior to launch.

Previews and pre-launch interviews are unequivocally positive, and hands-on reports from journalists, formal or informal, are slanted towards the “but hey, they’ll probably fix it” mindset even when they’re not terribly impressed. Bloggers are better about this than major media (just ask Oakstout), but nobody likes to slam a new game out of the gate– especially if the flaws aren’t glaring. What’s the deal? Where was the warning when you blew $300 in 2007 on games you don’t play anymore? Why is it okay for us to repeatedly pony up $50-$70 for games that we play for a free month and then decide aren’t worth the time?

Would you rather not know about a feature until it's 100% polished, or do you appreciate that devs use the reaction to "hype" as one channel for feedback? See if you agree with Cameron at Random Battle.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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