Geek is chic.

It's cooler than ever to be a geek, according to this recent lifestyle article.

Holy gigabyte, Sacramento is oozing geek culture. It doesn't take a Romulan mind probe to detect intelligent life forms in Sacramento who can discuss dynamic hypertext, Daleks, druids and Dungeons & Dragons.

"Sacramento is a geek-friendly city," says Stephanie Rector, webmaster of "Who else but a geek would think that the state's capital, the home of the governor and a Mecca of state jobs, would be a cool place to live?"

Generally speaking, geeks are intelligent and employed, but socially inept. Once ridiculed, geeks now are marginally cool, thanks to popular, geeky TV characters like Hiro Nakamura of NBC's "Heroes" and bug-freak Gil Grissom of CBS' "CSI." Geek chic is big on TV.

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[Via SacBee]

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016