Take a Bio, Face a Ban?

In this weeks editorial WoW community manager Byron "Messiah" Mudry
looks at a very hot current topic,
battleground AFKing (going Away From Keyboard) and Blizzard's new
response. Players in the World of Warcraft (WoW) join battlegrounds to
compete against other players in preset games and earn cool rewards.
Since their inception they have become insanely popular. However, as
rewards have ramped up, the temptation has become greater for players
to abuse the system. This cheating ruins the game for all those
actually participating in the battleground.

A year ago, I could have cared less. I have always
stated that I was
firmly against PvP in an MMOG. However, when my Paladin tank reached a
point that the best upgrade was the arena season 2 spell damage mace I
was forced to enter the arenas. At first it was frustrating, but over
time, grinding through the weeks to earn points, an appreciation for
the skill in PvP emerged. Eventually a love of arena combat was born as
well, and I now fully look forward to my weekly forays into the PvP
world. Which brings me back to my whole point here, now I do care.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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