PC gaming isn't doomed. You're doomed!

Ten Ton Hammer's own Cameron Sorden tackles the comments made today by Epic CEO Tim Sweeney on the future of PC gaming in this recent blog post from Random Battle.

“PC gaming is going the way of the dinosaur, consoles are the next big thing, and soon everyone will think that playing games on your PC is as weird as playing games on your toaster.” Yeah, yeah. We’ve all heard it before. The truth is that PC game sales are suffering, if they don’t have “Warcraft” or “Sims” in their name. But are we really at the twilight hour of PC gaming, with a long cold winter of console-dominance ahead of us (you can probably tell I’m biased)? The reason I chose to resurrect this particular dead horse and beat it a little more is that Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games and Unreal creator, already did it for me.

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[Via Random Battle]

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016