Perfect World International may not be as perfect as the name implies,
but Dalmarus was impressed nonetheless. After being traumatized by href="" target="_blank">Magic
World Online, he wasn’t sure he’d ever be
able to play another F2P game again. Was it the crack of the whips
suffered in the target="_blank">Ten Ton Hammer Slave Pits, or the
thought that no game could be worse that made him change his mind?
We’re guessing it’s the latter.

any of my long time readers (and heck, even my short timers), you
know that a lack of character customization is one of my biggest pet
peeves in all games, let alone F2P ones. I recently hailed CoX for
their outstanding costume customization options. CoX may be the ruling
masters of costumes, but Perfect World is now the undisputed world
champion in the ring of facial and body customization. I have yet to
come across any MMOG (and I've played more than I care to think about),
whether F2P or subscription based, that comes remotely close to the
customization available in Perfect World. For years, Star Wars Galaxies
has been recognized as the title holder, but no more.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016