Is Windows 7 really that much better than Windows Vista? Take a look at our test results to see for yourself. We put both operating systems to the test with nine MMO games to see which contender would come out on top. The results were a little surprising, perhaps even to the most die-hard techy. Find out if it's time for you to upgrade.

The way this works is pretty simple. I booted a whole bunch of MMOGs on my PC when it was running Vista (64-bit) and I took simple frame rate samples from 4 resolutions: 1024x768 windowed; 1024x768 full screen; 1920x1200 windowed; and 1920x1200 full screen. Each test was run for precisely 60 seconds. I recorded the minimum FPS (frames per second), the maximum, and the average. I then repeated the test three times in each resolution to help eliminate any sort of anomalies. Then I upgraded the exact same PC with Windows 7.

See the results here at Ten Ton Hammer.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016