There have been some rumors circulating that the popular Fable series may make its next appearance on the next incarnation of the Xbox, possibly as an MMORPG. That rumor has been fueled a bit more since Lionhead Studios founder Peter Molyneux stepped down from the studio in March of last year and was replaced by John Needham, who formerly worked with Cryptic Studios and Gazillion Entertainment, both notable for their work in the MMOG field.

Speaking with IGN, Molyneux didn’t exactly quell the rumor, especially in light of a recent Lionhead job posting for a Senior Service Engineer with a “passion for playing Online/Multiplayer/MMO games .“ Molyneux’s comments also confirmed that the possibility has been discussed in the past, but it never went much beyond that.

“When we were brainstorming what to do next in Fable, there was always a, 'Maybe we should go and do the MMO route?',” Molyneux  told IGN. “There were theories about how you would level up and class up and what the classes would be and so on, but we never got out of the brainstorming segment of that.”

Molyneux went on to comment how great RPGs are for transitioning to MMOs, and that given the rich world of the series, he feels a Fable MMORPG could work if the charm and humor of the world remained a part of its development. While this is far from any sort of confirmation, the possibility of a Fable MMORPG certainly exists.

Molyneux has currently been focused on his new mystery game, Curiosity, which tasks players with being the first to discover what is hidden beneath a giant cube made up of multiple layers.

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Microsoft is scheduled to announce its new Xbox console on May 21st.

Source: IGN

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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