Ahoy, Mateys! There Be a
Launch Coming Soon!

Although 2007 was a fairly busy year for MMOGs, next year's line-up of
titles looks to contend with or top what we saw come down the pipe. The
first game out the door for the 2008 season will be a title developed
by Flying Lab Software called Pirates of the Burning Sea. Initially
developed as an indepedent game, Flying Lab opted to partner with Sony
Online Entertainment in their "Platform Publishing" deal and have been
conducting a fairly thorough beta test for the past three years. As
2007 winds to a close, the Ten Ton Hammer staff wanted to check in with
the folks at Flying Lab and see how things were progressing. Pirates of
the Burning Sea producer John Scott Tynes sat down with Ten Ton
Hammer's Garrett Fuller to discuss how beta's been going, the launch
window for the game, and much much more!

John: We're handing off the Gold Master files in
mid-November so yeah,
we're about done. We will certainly continue fixing high-priority bugs
and making final tuning adjustments, but we have
been very strict about what goes in for launch and what goes in for
after launch. When we come back from Thanksgiving, we'll be starting
work on our first big content and feature patch for post-launch.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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