PlayerScore 4.6.00 Released!

Alright, I finally got it out. You can now download PlayerScore 4.6.00.

The main new feature is that "PvE" score which was ambiguous at best, has been replaced with "PvP GearScore". You can view my preview of the change here..

PvP GearScore is allows you to see what your GearScore is for PvP purposes. For the last 2 and 1/2 years, you've only been able to ever see your PvE GearScore, which is lowered by things such as missing gems & enchantments, bad items, or items for a different class or spec. PvP Items also lower your PvE GearScore, which eliminated a standard that PvP Players could use to judge their equipment. With PvP GearScore you can easily get a baseline of a player's PvP equipment.

PvP GearScore is increased by wearing PvP Items. PvE Item's will increase your PvP Score, but at a much smaller ratio. This allows players to mix and match top level PvP Gear with top level raiding gear, without being penalized too much to their PvP GearScore. In addition, PvE weapons will not lower your PvP GearScore, but PvP weapons will receive a significant bonus to their scores.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and I'll make sure to answer them. We also expect to have PvP GearScores listed on our website shortly!

Full Patch Notes

  • Fixed some bugs with the chat filters.
  • I actually had ALOT of bugs in this section. The iLvl filter will now work much much better.
  • News tab has been scrapped to make room of a future feature.
  • I will talk to you about the upcoming feature soon. It will be really awesome!
  • Keybinding Option has been added.
  • At the request of "litesung", I've added in the ability to bind the PlayerScore inspect to a hotkey. Simply open your main men, then open the keybindings menu. Near the bottom of the window you'll see the PlayerScore option. Simply pick any keybinding, and when you press this key combination PlayerScore will inspect your current target. (If you have no target it will show you your profile).
  • Introduction of PvP GearScore
    • Change required slight modification in regular score calculations. This means items may change in score up to +1/-1 points. (Due to rounding).
    • Item Scores are calculated in a series of steps and then rounded off at the end. In order to calculate PvP Item scores, the order of these score calculations was modified slightly. The items should have the same score as before, but in rare cases because of rounding, the items may go up or down 1 point.
  • Change requires a database modification, which will cause a wipe to previous database.
  • With the loss of PvE Score, and the gain of PvP GearScore, a large section of the database required restructuring. PlayerScore has measures in place to automatically wipe the database when structure changes are detected, to prevent bugs, lag, or data corruption.
  • PvP GearScore is now set to display by default.
  • You can disable it in the options menu. "/ps"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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