The Kinships of Middle-earth

  • href="">Kinship Interview: Firebeards Clan - A casual, semi-RP kinship with a dwarf-only aspect.

  • Shadow Company (Landroval Server)

    - A mercenary themed, role-play light/respectful Kinship

  • The Silent Guard (Landroval Server)

    - A mature role-playing friendly Kinship

  • Creations of Light (Gladden Server)

    -A family-friendly social kinship with Christian Leadership

  • The Green Company (Landroval server)

    -A moderate-heavy RP kinship

  • The Red Legion (Silverload server)

    -A mature helpful and friendly kinship

  • Grace of the Valar (Landroval server)

    -A fun and mature endgame kinship

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016