It's not uncommon in the gaming industry for a game to come along and catch the interest of players only to be lost in time if the developer closes its doors. Such was the case of Mythos. Originally developed by Flagship Studios, Mythos caught the attention of many players and developed a kind of cult following only to see development on the game stopped when the developer shut down back in 2008. Luckily for fans, Redbana picked up the title and kept its development moving forward.

Massively recently tracked down and cornered the team over at Redbana to get an update on the progress of Mythos and learn a little more about the gameplay and mythology of the game.

Mythos' story revolves around a God's ascension, and the trials and tribulations involved. It incorporates dark story elements akin to Diablo's, in addition to more lighthearted, "bright" elements. We believe that the combined depth of our skills and crafting systems is something players have not experienced before.

Check out the full interview at Massively for more details.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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