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"What’s right is what’s left if you do everything else wrong.” – Robin Williams


Everyone can use a feel good moment to start the day.   Let’s go with this…


Did you know that the gentleman responsible for Flickr.comwas originally building a MMOG?  It was simply too costly at that time to build the MMOG, but fortunately for us we ended up with one of the best photo sharing sites on the Internet.  Even more fortunately for us, the man behind Flickr is now once again, building a MMOG.  

Unfortunately, it isn’t a MMOG as I tend to define one, but rather a Facebook game somethingorother MMO-hybridasaur zombie gankfestamobile.   I don’t really know what it is and I’m not Paul Harvey, so you’re not going to get “the rest of the story.”    Google is your friend.


I read today that Bioware believes that Star Wars: The Old Republic will “more than” compete with World of Warcraft.  I wasn’t aware that “more than” competing was even an option.   

Reporter: Can you compete with the Pittsburgh Steelers?

PR type: We can “more than” compete with the Steelers!

It just doesn’t make sense.   I suggest Bioware stop using Yoda as their spokesperson.    Suggest I do!

Last, but not least in this shortened version or Reloading…  TomsHardware.com is reporting that a StarCraft 2 MMOG is “likely”.   In other news, the sun is likely to rise tomorrow, water is likely to be wet and bees maybe, just maybe, will still make honey.

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PlayerScore Update 4.8.01 Released

Ten Ton Hammer has released a new version of PlayerScore, the must-have scoring addon for WoW Players. Most changes are to increase compatibility with WoW v4.2, and to fix a chain of recent bugs people have been reporting:

  • The addon has been modified to allow for simultaneous functioning on both WoW 4.1 (Live) and WoW 4.2 (PTR).
  • PvP GearScore's tooltip replaced the old out-dated PVE score's tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug where fury warrior's Equipped Average Item Level was always reporting 0
  • Updated the Raiding Difficult to include Firelands raids.
  • And much more!

Download the update at playerscore.com.

Real World News

 From the Smashing-Walls-And-Smiling-Dept. –

Deep Fried Kool-Aid

From the Will-Smith-Movie-In-3-2-1-Dept. –

Homeless Man Inherits Big Money

From the Why-Don’t-They-Just-Call-Dept. –

Artist to Embrace Dad for 24 Hours

Bruce Campbell Fact of the Day

Bruce Campbell doesn’t cheat death.  He wins fair and square.

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