The game hit the shelves a month ago and it is with seasonal cheer we bring you our Ten Ton Hammer Mines of Moria Review. Whether you've played LotRO or not, the Mines of Moria covers some really great story lines to be enjoyed by all. Discover the secrets hidden within the mines, and uncover magical powers as all new legendary items are discovered in Middle Earth. These little toys level up with you and make for some of the most uniquely customizable equipment we've seen in a game. Check them out, along with more of what the Mines of Moria has to offer in our review.

I was thrilled to see the lake monster return in Mines of Moria. The encounter with that watery beast is one of the defining moments of the Lord of the Rings story. As I approached the entrance to the mines, and saw the dwarves staring over the Black Pool, I knew it was coming. The pool rippled, and the little plink and patters of skipping stones set an ominous tone rivaling one from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016