In RF Online, expect welcoming hugs from guys (and probably girls) with big guns. It's like going home when you're in the mafia!

Free to play games seem to be all the rage lately. In a recent press release, Codemasters announced that their sci-fi MMOG RF Online would be transitioning to a free to play business model. To get a few more details on this business decision, Ten Ton Hammer's industry relations specialist, Garrett Fuller, sent some questions to Codemasters to get their take on the entire process. Chris "Ulric" Dye, the community manager for RF Online, was selected to respond to Garrett's questions and we've posted his answers for you – the readers – to view. Enjoy!

Since we went free to play, our more "mature" existing players have been great in helping any newcomers to the game. It's in their best interest to get these guys on their side so that they can assist them in the fight against the other factions; I mean we even have more established members of each race trying to recruit new members on the forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016